Our Story

Growing up in a house with 9 kids meant that everyone needed to share all that we had, including the family box of LEGOs. So many memories were made just through LEGOs and building awesome creations.  
In 2010 our entire family took a trip to Legoland and had a blast. That's when the crazy idea came to start a LEGO business! We decided to open up our own store online selling new and used LEGO for more families to enjoy.
The Brick Team was created to build family memories, and help others build memories with LEGO. The brand has grown, and today The Brick Team is a pop-up and online retail store that offers exciting products, working with various non-profit organizations to help kids have free access to LEGO. 

Each purchase helps support kids in Africa and inner city kids across America receive LEGO. Join The Brick Team as we help change the world through play.